AMPS Officers Will Be Trained And Equipped With Naloxone Kits

Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service have started to phase in a plan to equip officers with a life-saving drug that reverses the effects of Opioid overdose.

30 AMPS offices will be trained and equipped with Naloxone kits. All uniformed patrol officers will be provided with Naloxone kits to carry while on patrol.

More than half of the patrol officers have already been trained to use the drug.  They will be help those who find themselves in an overdose situation, by administering naloxone, then helping them get the follow-up medical attention they will require.

Naloxone temporarily reverses the effects of opioid drugs like fentanyl, morphine, methadone and heroin.

Chief Dulude expects all 30 officers to start receiving their kits by mid-August.