Shoulder Patch History

AMPS-LogoThe design of the patch of the Akwesasne Mohawk Police refers to a number of different concepts.

The white squares are taken from the Hiawatha Belt, signifying different people united for Peace.

The tree signifies the Laws of those people and because the Tree (Pine) remains green all year, it shows that those laws will always be.

The white Roots shows that people from all directions may trace them to the Tree and take shelter under the Tree, so that they may have peace in their hearts and minds.

The Eagle at the top warns the people of approaching dangers.  He is the guardian of the Peace because he is a messenger of the Creator.  He shows that the Creator believes this Unity for Peace is good.  The Eagle has the responsibility of guarding this.

The role and responsibility of the Police is to ensure that the Laws of Peace and Justice prevail among human beings.