Fitness and Policing


Policing is physically demanding profession requiring officers to acquire and maintain optimal health and a high level of personal fitness. These are important prerequisites for initial training to develop police operational skills as recruits. They remain essential prerequisites for not only a successful career as a front line officer but also a great way to help reduce the risk of injury and health issues.

Police officers are always encouraged to maintain a high level of health and fitness throughout their careers. The dedication by these officers are recognized and rewarded by the Chiefs of police with a fitness incentive program called The Police Fitness PIN. This program recognizes not only your dedication to personal fitness but also the community you serve.

For individuals to receive the police fitness pin, you will be assessed on several physical fitness tests like. Upper and mid body muscular endurance, push-ups and core endurance tests; low back and hamstring flexibility, the sit and reach test; A test of aerobic power, in a maximal effort protocol utilizing running, the beep test. Each item is scored separately and a combined total of 75 points or higher is required to achieve the Police Fitness award.



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